Vassan, The Gloomy Poet

Vassan is one of the three main characters of The Great Voyage. He’s an awkward person with little to no social skills and is hopelessly in love with another main character. He’s probably most sympathetic of the three and I think he’s a bit more “main” than the other two main characters.
Here’s how his art has evolved as I have drawn the characters many times during the years because I was never satisfied with what I made :/ Thankfully I have improved during the years :P

1st Generation
2nd Generation
3rd Generation (Was never finished)
vassan 4.png
4th Generation (Now)

Vassan went through biggest design changes, mainly because he is lower in class than the other two characters and therefore his clothes had to relflect his “ordinariness”, but the character still needed to look distinct.

Here’s another version of him that got scrapped, because the style was too much work and the colors didn’t work with the aesthetic. (I still like this sprite though.)


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